Astrology and Queers : Terra Incognito No Longer

It’s about time that the astrology which dared not speak its name start talking. Queer astrology is right here, right now, and it’s different. They’re our charts, our lives, our souls evolving. Now we take
charge with our own approach.

Something new under the Sun, a queer approach to astrology. Yet surprisingly, if they are aware of it, very few queer astrologers are acknowledging it. We have work to do.

Historically, astrology’s treatment of gays has been as shabby as society’s, and while there’s been recent improvement, there’s still a long way to go.

So you’re 29-years-old? Congratulations. Now if you’re wondering about that bizzare little soap opera you just found yourself in, it’s called Saturn return. While everybody gets Saturn return at age 29, the soap opera is optional.

Our Own Gay Constellation. For almost 2,000 years the Pleiades has been the queer constellation in the western astrological tradition, but the gay
connection to the Pleiades is fading away now, and for reasons you’d never guess.

Xena, maybe our own gay planet? A new planet discovered far outside Pluto’s orbit was promptly named Xena, the warrior princess, much to the delight of countless
lesbian fans of the TV show. Whether than name sticks is an open question, but if it does, we may have a “gay” planet, too.

Spirituality and queer are no longer mutually exclusive words. In fact, they go together quite nicely.

A sampler of Queer Astrology: here’s what might be said if astrology ever
truly spoke from our point of view.