Gay Astrology


Queer Stars for Queer People

Astrology and Gays
Charting ourselves and our spirituality in the stars and
planets, a new and exciting field of endeavour for astrologers, students of
astrology, and their friends and clients.

The Queer Constellation
The Pleiades has been the gay constellation
for thousands of years. But now that queer connection is being lost for some
very strange reasons.

The 10th planet
A newly discovered planet was tentatively nicknamed
Xena after the warrior princess and lesbian icon, but the name didn’t stick. So
no gay planet after all. Darn.

The Stonewall Riots
The gay liberation movement began at the Stonewell Inn.
Here’s an interesting article about the defining event that marked
the start of the gay rights movement in the United States.

Let’s get married in Canada!
Gay marriage is now legal in Canada. Hooray!
For non-Canadians there is a catch. It’s called divorce.
For Canadian gays, the catch is taxes even if you’re not married.

The Parable of the Brick
A lesson in karma.

Your Monthly Gay Horoscope